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"Communication is to relationships what breath is to life."

Virginia Satir

The fundamental approach of Sheer Psychology is the belief that each individual functions as an important member of their family and community, both making an impact on and being impacted by those around them. The therapeutic process, therefore, focuses on both the individual and the forces around them, emphasizing the role that relationships play in our mental health. Dr. Kafker uses a person-centered, integrative approach to meet the needs of each individual/family with particular focus on improving relationships by addressing communication.

In recognizing the importance of community, we also provide wellness workshops for community members in addition to our clients. Wellness is the act of overall self-care in order to nourish one's body and mind. These workshops provide opportunities outside of therapy to learn about topics of interest and improve general wellbeing.

Our mission is to make mental health and overall wellness accessible for everyone, and to give you a space in which you feel completely comfortable.

We strive to embody our mission in three key ways:

1. We view you as a whole person. You are a product of your genetics, upbringing, culture, unique personality, and so much more. Whether you are coming to us for clinical services or participating in our wellness workshops, we use a strength-based approach to determine your overall goals and how we can support you in achieving them.

2. We make our services financially accessible. Finances are too often a barrier to seeking help. Here, we provide sliding scales for clinical and wellness services in order to work around this obstacle.

3. We provide multiple services under one (virtual) roof. By providing select clinical and non-clinical services, we prevent the headache of finding multiple spaces that feel comfortable for you. This will allow you to optimize your health and mental health.

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