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PLEASE NOTE: All services are virtual at this time​.


If you or your child are struggling with mood, anxiety, attention, or relationships, you have have come to the right place. Sheer Psychology uses a person-centered, strength-based perspective to help clients achieve their goals. We believe that the client is the captain of the treatment team and we support them through their treatment using integrative, evidence-based practices.

Perhaps you are not quite ready to commit to therapy, but you want to learn more about relevant issues in mental health or learn some general skills. Sheer Psychology is still the right place for you, offering wellness workshops to community members in order to spread awareness and knowledge around important connections between behavior and emotions, parenting practices, and so much more.


Sheer Psychology's mission is to provide mental health and wellness services to our New York City community. Through clinical treatment and non-clinical wellness workshops, Dr. Kafker strives to make mental health and general wellbeing accessible for everyone.

Clinical treatment includes individual, couples, and family therapy for children, adolescents, and adults.

Sheer Psychology places equal emphasis on ensuring that mental health professionals are well trained in order to meet the needs of the community.


Dr. Kafker works collaboratively with her clients to determine their areas for growth and how she can best support them in overcoming challenges, communicating their feelings, improving their relationships, and better understanding themselves.

For children and adolescents:

  • Focus will be on both individual and family work, depending on the particular needs of the client

  • Children and adolescents will gain concrete skills to help them succeed

  • Caregivers will improve their understanding into their child's experience and learn how to support their child in utilizing new skills in every day life.

For couples:

  • Focus will be on collaborating toward shared goals

  • Couples will learn new methods to communicate their needs effectively and listen to each other differently

For adults:

  • Focus will be on individual work with an option of family work, depending on the particular needs of the client

  • Clients will gain insight into their patterns of experiences and behaviors

  • Clients will also learn concrete skills to help them achieve their goals

Presently, we do not accept insurance, but we do provide a sliding scale based on income and work with out of network benefits.

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